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Our B.S. degree program offers Penn State students an opportunity to study physics in a small college
atmosphere with a low student to faculty ratio. Our course offerings are flexible so students can pursue
undergraduate research in conjunction with our physics faculty members listed below. We also have an
option that will lead to teacher certification in teaching physics at the secondary level.

For more information, contact Leonard Gamberg.

Physics Faculty:

Dr. Pradip Bandyopadhyay - Professor of Physics

Dr. Ruth Daly - Professor of Physics

Dr. Robert Forrey - Distinguished Professor of Physics

Dr. Leonard Gamberg - Professor of Physics

Dr. Daniel Litvin - Distinguished Professor of Physics

Dr. Alexei Prokudin - Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Jianbing Qi - Associate Professor of Physics

Mr. Jeff Wike - Instructor of Physics, Physics Lab Supervisor

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